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ITEIPMAI is a Technical Institute that carries out applied research to assist the perfume, medicinal and aromatic plant sector.


This national association around 5 main axes :

The creation of tailor-made varieties that respond to the ever changing needs of growers
The development of improved and environmentally friendly tools and methods for crop protection and management
The identification of fresh market niches that provide more opportunities for growers through the use os new species or innovative uses of existing species
Structuring the sector and the evolution of its regulations and standards (AFNOR, Pharmacopeia)
Being an Association (1901 law), the General Assembly of the ITEIPMAI (about 120 members) elects a board of directors composed of 15 members (5 for each of the medicinal, aromatic and perfume plant sectors). It is chaired by Laurent Martineau.


Their members, both growers and industrial partners, have requested the institute to :

Produce innovative concepts and products to help maintain a MAPP activity in France
Be forward-thinking and to come up with proposals to enable the whole industry to reach a sustainable development,
Bring technical solutions to provide farmers with long lasting improvements to their incomes,
Maintain consistency between upstream needs and downstream applications, and thereby promote the well-being of consumers by building a lasting relationship of trust.